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Fandom Charity Creations

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All Members , Moderated
This is the sister community of fandom_charity. That community was created for fans to make requests or offers of fannish things in return for donations to charity. Often, this means online art - fanfic, drawings, icons, etc.

This is a place to post those creations, if you want to.

Rules and guidelines:

1. Always ask your recipient before sharing your work here. You created it for them, so you have to have their permission before sharing it further.

2. All adult content must be put under an LJ cut and clearly marked as such.

3. All large images must also be put under an LJ cut - if in doubt, LJ cut anyway. The same goes for icons if there are more than three of them.

4. If you're posting icons, please state if community members may use them or if they're just for viewing.

5. Feedback (positive, negative and mixed) is allowed if the creator permits it; inflammatory remarks are not.

6. All requests and offers go to fandom_charity, this community is for creations only.

7. All creations posted in this community must be the result of a fandom_charity exchange - I'm sure you all have lots of other lovely things to share, but this is not the place.

8. You may pimp your website, but only in the post where you share your creation.