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Beautiful Ache (Ted/Blake) NC-17 *QAF*

TITLE: Beautiful Ache
AUTHOR: ficklemuse
SUMMARY: Ted and Blake explore something new.
PAIRING: Ted/Blake
FANDOM: Queer as Folk
DISCLAIMER: Not Mine. But then they’re not yours either so pfft!
WARNINGS: Spoilers for Season 5.
NOTES: This fic was requested by batboy126 in exchange for a donation to the Red Cross for hurricane relief as part of the fandom_charity community where writers and graphics makers exchange their works for donations to worthy causes. In other words batboy126 rocks.

“Shake the cloud from off your brow,
Faith your wishes doth allow,
Empire growing, pleasures flowing,
Fortune smiles and so should you.”
- Belinda’s aria from Dido & Aeneas

Ted didn’t believe in happiness.

Oh, he knew it existed. He’d been happy in his life. But in his experience happiness was short lived. Happiness was what happened in between life’s tragedies.

Some people would consider that a pessimistic attitude, but Ted was a pragmatist. He figured if he always expected the worst, then when something good happened he would be pleasantly surprised. Which in his mind was better than going through life with rose colored glasses thinking nothing but good things would happen and being unprepared for when the shit hit the fan.

In the space of five years he’d: been in a coma, been a porn addict, arrested for being a porn king, and been a meth addict which caused him to lose his home, his lover, his friends and every shred of respect he had for himself.

But that was over now. He was still an addict, but he was clean. His friends forgave him, he had a job that even if he never admitted it to another living being, he loved and he was finally able to look himself in the mirror again.

His life would be good just as it was. He told Emmett he wasn’t a half waiting to be made whole and that was true. He had friends that meant more to him than he ever dreamed, he had a fulfilling career.

That was why he counted himself truly blessed to have Blake back in his life. Not as the center of his universe but as part of the whole picture.

There was a unique kind of trust in having a lover who could not only sympathize with him, but empathized. Blake knew as much about Ted’s fears and triumphs as he did his own. Blake understood that a ‘bad day’ meant a day when Ted was feeling pressured beyond what he thought he could handle and needed to find a way to release that pressure in a way that wouldn’t make him self-destruct. Blake let Ted set the course of action whether it was a late night meeting or an early game of racquet ball. Whatever Ted needed, Blake was there with him.

But the night Blake came out of the bedroom with the flogger and laid it on the table between them, Ted nearly had a heart attack.

It had been a gift from Dale Wexler after their night in Dale’s dungeon. That one night. Just thinking about it sent fissures of excitement up Ted’s spine and straight to his brain. The sheer abandon of surrendering, of giving over to someone. Ted wasn’t a man who was controlled by his body. He controlled it. And ever since his recovery Ted was in even tighter control than normal. If he was honest with himself it was exhausting and he wasn’t all that sure he could keep that control twenty four hours a day.

So when Blake looked at him with those curious sea blue eyes, Ted’s mouth opened and shut repeatedly.

“Never mind. I shouldn’t have asked. I was just surprised that’s all.” Blake’s fingers unconsciously crawled over the black rabbit fur flogger. The leather wrapped handle. The soft, smooth outside of black rabbit fur, the supple inside of the hide.

It wasn’t until then that Ted realized Blake’s expression wasn’t revulsion. Blake looked – turned on. Hungry. Almost covetous. “It was a gift.” Ted whispered. “From a man. He was a friend of mine at school. He’s a dom now. He has his own dungeon.” Every word was pulled out of Ted. “I went to his place one night. I needed…” He blew out a sigh. “I needed to be taken out of myself. I needed to look at who I was differently.” Ted reached out and touched the edge of the flogger, his fingers brushing against Blake’s. “This was what Dale gave me when we were through. He said he didn’t want me to forget.”

Blake’s next words were breathy. “I never thought you would be into that.”

Ted laughed. “Me either. I guess we all have hidden facets to ourselves.” He looked down at the flogger between them and made to pick it up. “I’ll just go - put this back…”

Blake caught Ted’s wrist with a firm grip. “You’re right. Everyone has hidden facets.” Blake held Ted’s eyes as firmly as he was holding Ted’s hand. “Pick a word.”

At the change in Blake’s tone, Ted was immediately hard. “Oh God.” He could see the intent written all over Blake’s face and Blake wasn’t hesitating, he wasn’t asking. He was taking. Taking control of the situation and taking control of Ted.

Blake pulled Ted up from his seat and stood him in the middle of the room. “Get undressed. I won’t ask you a second time.”

Ted’s fingers fumbled a bit on his shirt buttons and belt buckle but he was naked in record time. Standing bare physically and emotionally before his lover.

“Very good.” Blake circled Ted. He trailed one hand from one side of Ted’s collar bone to the other then around to run over Ted’s shoulder blades stopping on the back of his neck and squeezing. “Now. I’m going to count to three and when I get to three I want you to give me your safe word. One. Two. Three.”


Blake chuckled. “Nice choice. Something you’re familiar with something personal, but not something you’d normally scream out during sex.” Blake ruffled his fingers through Ted’s hair with a tender touch. “I like it.”

“Th-thank you.” Ted shivered at the intimate sound of Blake’s voice in his ear and his fingers in his hair. Blake was still fully dressed and Ted could feel the roughness of Blake’s clothes against his skin, teasing him.

A sharp pinch on Ted’s ass made him jump and yelp.

“Thank you Sir.” Blake corrected. His hold on Ted’s hair tightened just this side of painful. “You’ll call me Sir.”

“Yes Sir.”

“Go into the bedroom.” Blake instructed. “I want you to turn down the bed, light the candles on the night stand, and kneel beside the bed.” Blake’s hand smoothed over Ted’s stomach and down to stroke his cock once with a light touch. “Don’t do anything else or touch anything else.” He stroked Ted once more. “Especially not this. This is mine tonight. You’re mine.” He pulled Ted’s head back and kissed him darkly with teeth and tongue biting and sucking at Ted’s lips until he moaned. “Go.”

Ted walked into the bedroom on legs that felt like Jell-o. He was surprised they could support him as he moved around the bedroom. First carefully peeling off the down comforter and folding it, then lighting the half dozen candles Blake had brought when he moved in. Finally finished, Ted knelt beside the bed, his body facing the door but his head down.

It felt like an eternity until he saw Blake’s bare feet come through the bedroom door. He stopped in the doorway and looked over the results of his commands. “Good.” He said brusquely. Moving around behind Ted, Blake held a black silk tie in front of Ted’s eyes. “I want you blindfolded.” He informed Ted while giving him the chance to say his safe word if he were uncomfortable with the idea. When no protest was forthcoming, Blake tied the tie around Ted’s eyes. “Stand up.”

Ted got to his feet slowly, he could feel the blood in his veins and hear his heart beating a mile a minute. He felt Blake’s hand on the small of his back propelling him across the room. Ted allowed Blake to guide him. He didn’t have anything to fear with Blake. Blake would never let him be hurt.

“Put your hands against the wall.” Blake ordered.

When Ted obeyed he found the wall was a bit further out than he’d estimated and the position left him arched slightly towards the wall. He braced himself with both hands and waited. Then he felt the touch of Blake’s hands on his back. They traced over each muscle and explored every inch of skin until Ted thought he’d go crazy. He put all his focus on not moving, not begging. He trusted Blake. Blake would give him what he needed. But in his own time.

Eventually Blake stepped back leaving Ted completely exposed to the cool air of the room.

“Thirty I think.” Blake informed him. “And ten more each time you break position. Count them.”

That was all the warning Ted got before the first blow. It stung sharply across his ass, and then tickled as the rabbit fur dragged over his skin as Blake pulled the flogger back. He let out a gasp but managed to keep from moving. “One!”

Ted felt completely open, totally exposed as the strokes continued. Everything was raw. The blindfold only enhanced that feeling until he was crying out with each slap of the flogger. Blake’s strokes increased in force until one sent Ted rocking up on the balls of his feet flinching away from the pain.

The blows stopped suddenly as Blake came up behind him. “Do you want me to stop?” He asked. “Do you want to use your safe word boy?”

Ted shook his head. “No Sir.” He rocked back into Blake’s touch. He could feel the shaking in his arms but he got back into position. He didn’t want to stop. Not yet. Not when he was so close.

“Alright. Ten more for breaking position.”

Ted whimpered unsure whether it was in protest or gratitude. The flogging went on until Ted’s ass felt like it was on fire, his whole body was shaking and he could feel tears leaking out from under the tie around his eyes. It was all too much. The feel of the flogger, the rush of air over his hypersensitive skin, the dark he was enclosed in. He felt himself going under.

Then the blows stopped and Blake was behind him, hugging him around the waist and kissing his shoulder. “All over. We’re done boy.” He untied the blindfold from Ted’s eyes and stroked his hands over Ted’s arms and back. “You were perfect. So hot.” Blake’s words were choked with arousal.

Ted let himself be led to the bed and pushed back on it. When his ass first hit the icy cold sheets he let out a sharp hiss. It felt terrible and wonderful all at the same time. Looking up Ted watched in silence as Blake began peeling off his shirt and pants before crawling onto the bed and bracing himself over Ted.

“God you’re incredible.” Blake grabbed the back of Ted’s head and hauled him up to meet him in a demanding and loving kiss.

Ted whimpered and tried to convey everything he was feeling with lips, teeth and tongue. There was gratitude in the press of his lips over Blake’s, desire in the stroking of Blake’s tongue with his own and raw need in the sharp nips to Blake’s mouth.

Blake pulled back reluctantly and pushed Ted back against the pillows. “I’m going to fuck you.” He ground out. Reaching into the nightstand Blake gathered what they would need.

Ted couldn’t hold still. He felt completely raw. He wanted Blake so badly he was almost choking on it. Feelings overwhelmed him; love, trust, gratitude and desperate arousal. He hissed in pleasure as Blake pushed two fingers into him. It hurt but it was a beautiful ache. Soon his head was thrashing back and forth on the pillows and he was pleading. “Please! Please Sir! I need…”

Blake pulled his fingers out of Ted in spite of his protest. Leaning forward he licked at Ted’s lips and kissed him softer than butterfly wings. “What? What do you need?”

“You!” Ted arched up hard. He could feel Blake’s cock against his thigh, so close to where he wanted it and yet not close enough. “Please?”

When Blake finally slid inside of him Ted thought he was going to lose what was left of his mind. It was so good to be filled. Blake was taking him. Taking him to the very edge and keeping him safe. Ted cried out as Blake’s dick brushed against his prostate.

Blake’s hands cupped Ted’s shoulders, using his grip to pull Ted onto his cock and enfold him completely. They were touching from lips to toes. Blake alternated between hard and fast and slow, tender thrusts that left both men gasping for breath.

Ted clutched at Blake’s back, his blunt nails digging in as he wrapped one leg around the small of Blake’s back. He pulled Blake closer, needing him with every part of his being. He was so close…

His fingers bumped against Blake’s as they reached for his cock at the same time. Blake tugged on the shaft fast and hard while Ted teased the tip of his penis. A few strokes and Ted was screaming his release. Followed closely by Blake who dug his fingers into Ted’s shoulder and cried out before collapsing on top of Ted.

After Blake disposed of the condom and pulled a sheet over them he pulled Ted into his arms and kissed his face all over with tender kisses.

Ted shivered in the aftermath. He felt desired, wanted, and most of all he felt the love in every one of Blake’s touches. He clung tightly to Blake as he struggled to regain his breath and steady his heartbeat.

Blake stroked Ted’s sweaty hair and kissed his brow. “Are you okay?” His blue eyes were concerned.

Ted took Blake’s hand and kissed it sweetly before kissing Blake with all the love he felt. “Better than okay. God – Blake I…”

“I know. You don’t have to tell me Ted. I know. I love you. I’m so honored you trusted me.”

“Never. Never trusted anyone as much as I trust you. Or loved anyone the way I love you.” Ted admitted quietly. Laying in Blake’s arms, the sweat on their bodies cooling, heart rates slowing and limbs easing into the lassitude of sleep Ted realized it was nothing less than the complete truth.

And for the first time in his life Theodore Schmidt believed in happiness.

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