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Five drabbles, five fandoms.

Rating: PG, if even that.
Wordcount: 5x100

evil_little_dog asked for

Inu-Yasha (Ki/Iy, pout)

“Kikyou-onee-sama! Kikyou-onee-sama!”

Kikyou only heard the faintest rustle of leaves at her sister’s call. She smiled reassuringly at a bush, but there was no response.

Kaede finally arrived with a small bundle. A village woman sent it, she explained, for saving her baby’s life. Kikyou’s eyes brightened when she discovered the contents. Rice balls, her favorite.

She took one, gave another to Kaede, then smiled to herself and wordlessly held the package towards the bush.


Suddenly a hand snatched it away. Not one rice ball came back.

Kikyou pouted at the loss, but her new friend was worth it.

BtVS/AtS (B/A, puppy)

Angel blinked at his cell phone. “Dogs don’t climb trees.”

I know!

“O-kay… I don’t underst---”

“It’s Willow’s dog!”

“Oh.” Dark arts aside, the redhead liked to experiment with her powers. “Then go after it. Slayers climb trees.”

“But we don’t fly.”


“Well, more like a floaty thing.”

“That’s Willow’s department. Call her.”

“Angel, she left me puppy-sitting. Me! That screams: ‘Desperate for vacation. Don’t Disturb’.”

“I’m in Madrid now. There’s nobody else?”

“Who wouldn’t mock me forever? No.” Pause. “I found this flight back in an hour…”

“And you made the reservation.”

“You’ll come?”

“I’ll be there.”

Harry Potter (H/H, purple)

Words failed her. “It’s… all… purple.”

“Ron thought it’d draw attention away from the scar.”

Hermione glared at the redhead before taking Harry’s hand. “We’ll dye it back.”

Harry sighed miserably. Ron slipped away before the words ‘twins’ and ‘experiment’ were said.


The next morning, Harry’s mood darkened in his friends’ absence. He dreaded breakfast, but only a murmur welcomed his entrance. Two purple spots beside his usual seat explained the mild reaction. Ron was pouting into his plate, but Hermione greeted him brightly. “You like?”

For the first time, Harry kissed her before the whole school. “You look perfect.”

X-men (W/R, china plate)

Logan opened the door to avoid a flying set of teacups. Rogue was eyeing a box of china and another of crystal figurines, unsure what’d go next. “Marie?”

A ballerina’s death answered him.

He grabbed her arm before the miniature piano could follow. “I’m sorry.”

“Not a word, not one note in twelve years…” Down went the piano. “But I’m in their will?” She reached for a china plate but, again, Logan stopped her. “Let me go!”


Rogue dropped her head onto his chest, trying hard not to cry. “I would’ve taken a letter.”

“I know, baby. I know.”

Smallville (Jonathan Kent, childhood friend)

Jonathan hung up with a feeling of satisfaction. He didn’t call his old friends often, news ran fast in Smallville, but occasionally he liked hearing them first-hand. Besides, it was comforting to talk with people you’d always known. It felt normal.

He found Clark in the kitchen, glancing longingly at Martha’s pie. Curiously, he asked, “Called Pete lately, son?”

Clark blinked, and a ‘who?’ flashed minutely through his expression. “No, not for a while.” He shrugged, went back to his pie-gazing. “He must be busy, you know Pete.”

Jonathan nodded. Yes, he knew Pete. It was Clark he wondered about.
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